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Together against cancer -

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Together against cancer - because we all know somebody who lost the fight -

Getting the diagnosis of cancer does not automatically mean anymore that you will die, like it used to be. In 70 years time the 5-year survival numbers have gone up from 25% to 65%. This means that 65% of people who got cancer still lived 5 years after the diagnosis. 

So numbers have improved significantly, but could improve even more if we invest in development of more treatments, and more precise treatments. 

This event "groot verzet tegen kanker" (resistance against cancer) is to raise money for research. On September 1st a group will wakl/jog up the mountain, on September 2nd a group will bike. If you see my pictures, you'll notice I'm on a bike - I did bike up this mountain in 2011 - but this time I will walk up :) 


Please sponsor us by clicking the button (in NL IDeal works perfect, for my friends outside of NL please use Other so you'll get to CreditCard options)

because we all want to grow the number of people who win the fight ! 



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30/07/2022 | 10:02

June/July - more training

Little trainings here and there, bigger training in the weekend. Spend a lovely weekend in the South (most hills) to train and last week in "Veluwe"  Slowly we are getting ready .... 1 more month to go !!